Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easy Learn To Play Guitar ( Tuning ) in URDU


Tuning is the most important part to learn as a beginner because we often see that many guitarists play guitar but there guitar is out of tune and there guitar is creating a horrible sound, to avoid this we need to tune our guitar before playing it .

There are several different popular methods for tuning a guitar. All are adequate, but you will probably find that some are either more convenient for you or easier for you to hear well. Also, the results of each method are slightly different. For the beginning guitarist who is just practicing alone, it is most important to choose a tuning method that is easy and convenient. But as you start to play with other people or become more picky about how your guitar sounds, the results of the different tuning methods will be more important to you.

Electronic Tuner:

Also available are electronic tuners that can also give you each of the individual pitches you need for all six strings. Electronic tuners also have a setting that allows to you check a sound to see whether it is flat, sharp, or on pitch.Electronic tuners have a more precise pitch than a pitch pipe and some people find the feature that lets them check their pitch useful. Some are large, but plenty are small and easy to bring along.Electronic tuners are quite expensive, however, and require batteries or an electrical outlet. Also, they are set to give equal temperament tuning and some people have trouble tuning to a thin, electronic tone. It is generally not worth the expense to get an electronic tuner just to tune a guitar.

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