How to buy a Guitar? 

You can buy any Guitar but it should be Acoustic. Cuz Acoustic se start karna bohat easy hai agar Electric se Start karo ge to it would be very difficult buy a Simple Acoustic from any Guitar shop but I would recommend if you are in lahore, Pakistan buy it from Guitar World it is near to Atlfateh Store in Liberty. Guitar esa hona chaheye jo Comfortable ho don't go for the Brand if you are a beginner. 

After buying a Guitar.

Guitar seekhne k leye bohat Patience aur Dedication chaheye agar yeh 2 cheezein nai hain to You can't learn guitar I personally took 1 Year to master it completely but still abi b mujhe bohat c baton ka nai pata. Well, just keep these two words in your Mind if you want to learn guitar. 
  • Patience
  • Dedication

Video Lesson # 1

Names of Guitar Strings

Before moving on to tuning we should know the names of the strings ....


Video Lesson # 2

Guitar Tuning: 


Tuning is the most important part to learn as a beginner because we often see that many guitarists play guitar but there guitar is out of tune and there guitar is creating a horrible sound, to avoid this we need to tune our guitar before playing it .

There are several different popular methods for tuning a guitar. All are adequate, but you will probably find that some are either more convenient for you or easier for you to hear well. Also, the results of each method are slightly different. For the beginning guitarist who is just practicing alone, it is most important to choose a tuning method that is easy and convenient. But as you start to play with other people or become more picky about how your guitar sounds, the results of the different tuning methods will be more important to you.

Electronic Tuner:

Also available are electronic tuners that can also give you each of the individual pitches you need for all six strings. Electronic tuners also have a setting that allows to you check a sound to see whether it is flat, sharp, or on pitch.Electronic tuners have a more precise pitch than a pitch pipe and some people find the feature that lets them check their pitch useful. Some are large, but plenty are small and easy to bring along.Electronic tuners are quite expensive, however, and require batteries or an electrical outlet. Also, they are set to give equal temperament tuning and some people have trouble tuning to a thin, electronic tone. It is gene

Video Lesson # 3

Basic Chords:


It all starts with this simple word ..... "CAGED" This word contain almost all the Basic Chords....

Here's the list of basic guitar chords:

Guitar chord chart of C Guitar chord picture of C

Guitar chord chart of D Guitar chord picture of D

Guitar chord chart of E Guitar chord picture of E

Guitar chord chart of G Guitar chord picture of G   

Guitar chord chart of A Guitar chord picture of A

Video Lesson # 4


If you were trying to find guitar strumming patterns you've come to the right place. On this lens we are going to look at a couple of different strumming patterns and how to play them on the guitar.
You'll be able to use these patterns in lots of different ways. 
Basic Strumming patterns which are usually used are:
D means Strum from the top to bottom.

1. D D U U D U D U 

U means strum from bottom to top

2. D U D U U D U D 
3. D D U U D D D U D 
4. D U D U D U D 

Video Lesson # 5

Barr Chords:

The most difficult for a beginner but perhaps the most important chord structure "The Barr". When I started learning guitar I really had to work hard on these Barr Chords because I really did not knew what they were. But here I will tell you exactly how you can play a barr chord and in the end it is upto your dedication and practice that will get you used to playing these chords
  1. try to play Some easy songs Like addat, Dil haray by Jal
  2. Start playing TABS of different songs it really helps in imrpving your scales
  3. Try to sing with your Guitar.
  4. Practice with a Metronome Practice your Tempo and rhythm with Meronome
  5. Done, These are the main things which you should know
These four things are the main things for any Player. agar yeh 4 Steps  (MASTER) ho jaein You can play any song, just needs practice and Dedication. 

Our Aim

Our aim is just to tell you the basics rest of the work is your to practice and to master it because you can't learn it without practising.  Have Fun!  :)