Friday, June 15, 2012

Useful Tips For Guitarists

1. Clean your Guitars Strings after playing your Guitar it removes the oil which comes off from your Fingers, This helps in increasing your Guitar Strings Life. Saving your Money is the first priority.

2. Should change your Guitar strings every year. but if you can afford strings then you should change them every Season like if it was summer now in Winter you should change them this really improves the sound.

3. Buy a Guitar Case and after playing keep it in a case. or You can also buy a Guitar Stand Which helps in protecting the body of Guitar.

4. Use a Guitar Case while traveling it will also be used for protection.

5. Hold the Guitar Pick a little tilted form, it makes shredding very easy on your Guitar. 

6. Loos your Guitar strings when not using it for months it protects the bridge and strings tenshion on the wood

More Tips Coming Soon.... 

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  1. bhai mujhe bachana play krna h to
    uski semi tuning ki note mil skta h ..mere liye use krna asan ho skta hai