Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top 3 ways To Record your Guitar on a Budget

Here are some tips for recording your guitar on a budget

1. PC Line in:

If you have a semi acoustic guitar or electric guitar this is the easiest way to record it on a budget you don't need to buy any Audio Interfaces or mixers simply plug your guitar to the Line in jack and your done! 

2. Mobile Audio Recorder:

In this era of modern world of technology smartphones have really made daily life easy and fast not compromising on the quality same is the case with Audio Recording these little smartphones have a great capability of recording audios especially acoustic Guitars I myself have experimented with it and it works pretty good. 

3. Camera: 

The best way to start posting your recordings online on Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud is using your camera because you don't need any mixers and enhancers to make your audio sound good. you record, play, and Upload!

at the end of the day its your playing that makes your recording sound beautiful You can buy all the expensive gadgets of the world but if you don't know the proper way to make your instrument sing the recording is useless.