Saturday, May 16, 2015

Top 5 Things I wish I was Told when I Started learning Guitar

1. Alternative Chord Techniques: 

This is the most important tip I wish I was told it's not important to always apply the chord as it has been told you can use different alternate ways of playing the chord. e.g You can play a Cmajor chord with open strings as G sus2 chord.

2. Chuck Technique: 

I see alot of guitarists strumming their guitars ass off without any rhythm or tempo. It's important that you practice your guitar in a specific tempo. The most helpful thing is the Chuck technique. You slap your guitar strings with your hand's Palm to give it a pause while strumming it really helps your understand the chord shifting and it also imrpoves your tempo undetstanding.

3. Strumming is all about listening. 

If you listen closely to every guitar player he is not strumming all the strings at the same time. In a basic guitar strumming pattern like D D U U D U The Guitarist just passes his hand from the strings without strumming it so that it gives an illusion and proper rhythm feeling that the hand is moving up down all the time while striking the strings.

4. Learning Step by Step:

I know after getting your first guitar lesson of the first Cmajor chord you think that you're Slash or Joe Satriani or Goher Mumtaz lol. Have patience its like going to the gym on the first day and expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after your first day.

Start with Basic chords and Strumming master them until they become fluent
I highly recommend to use a metronome. 

5. Its all about Practice:

I started playing guitar when I was about 12 years old. I use to play it all day and try to master everything I learn from the internet. Some people get frustrated because they think that they will learn guitar within a week or few days which is completely wrong. It takes at least one year to become use to playing with fluency. 

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