Friday, October 14, 2011

Khwahishon by Farhan Saeed Lyrics & Guitar Chords

Written and composed by Farhan Saeed Butt Music by Saad Sultan an awesome Song by Farhan There are 4 Basic Chords used in this song which you can easily play. Chords are:
Dmajor, Bminor, Gmajor, Amajor 
Strumming pattern is: Down Down Up Up Down Up Down Up

Dmajor -------------------Gmajor-------Dmajor--------Gmajor
Khwahishon k Peche Bhag bhag K kia mila hai mujhe

Dmajor -------------------Gmajor-------Dmajor--------
Esa to mein kabhi nai tha kia hoa hai mujhe

Raston pe  Chltay Chaltay Kiun Bikhar Gya 

Shaks jo woh mere sath tha kiun woh Bichar gya Janay kidhar gya kiun Bichar Gya 

Dmajor -------------------Gmajor-------Dmajor----
jiss SUbha ka Intazaar the jis ko d the sada 

Dmajor -------------------Gmajor-------Dmajor----
har dua mein manga jis ko na woh mujhe mil saka 

Waqt jo mere sath tha kiun woh Badal Gya  

hathon mein jis ka hath tha kiun woh Bichar Gya janay kidhar gya kiun Bichar gya 

Jania!!.............. Meherma!!!!

Ab koi nai hai sang yeh raat mere leye 

Ab koi nai hum dam yeh raat mere leye

taron se karein batein Sohon mein tere Leye 

kuch un kahein se Batein Jo tujh se keh na sakay

Ab kia mila hia Mujhe. Kia mila hai mujhe, JANIA!!

Mehrma!! Jania!!! 

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  1. i think progression of G Em C D sounds far better.......