Friday, December 30, 2011

Yaro yehe Dosti by Junoon Guitar Chords

These are the Guitar chords for song "yaro yehe Dosti Hai" by Junoon. I found these Chords the most Similar just shift according to the Lyrics given below the Chords used are: Aminor. Dminor. Gmajor, Cmajor & Emajor Strumming is very simple D U D U D U D U 

Am               Dm
yaro yehi dosti hai
G                   C
kismat say jo milli hai
 Am                        Dm
sab sang chalein  sab rang chalein
 G                  E
chaltay rahey hum sada

tootay na kabhi saath yeh
chootay na kabhi haath yeh
G                  E
apni to hai yehi dua.....

then goes again the same .... :)

yaro yehi dosti hai ....:)

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  1. in ths song . the struming patren D U D U D U.
    in what rethem! plzz tell me !