Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Truss Rod Adjustment Acoustic Guitar

The Hole marked in the Picture below is called the Truss Rod adjustment Hole. It is a Long steel peace inside Guitar which adjusts the length of the Fretboard with the Guitar. See the second Pciture

Truss Rod Adjustment Hole

The Picture below shows, when the truss rod is not adjusted properly the strings become so tight and moves far away from the Fret Board if the same case happens with your Guitar get your Guitar to a Guitar Shopkeeper and say him to adjust its Rod it should be joined with the Fret Board like in the Picture 3.

Picture 2
The Picture below is almost the perfect height of a truss Rod. its still a little far but you can clearly see the difference in both Pictures. This Problem becomes a hurdle for every Guitarist.


  1. mere guitar mai bhi yahi broblm hai-kuch se kis tarah tik kar skte hai?